So, you’ve begun your own business. You’ve decided on a marketable business name and registered it with the Consumer and Business Affairs Victoria. But now that it’s registered, what are your responsibilities as the owner of that business name?

As the owner of a business name registered within Victoria, you are required to:

  1. Display a sign showing the correct registered business name in a position where it can be clearly seen outside the registered and business addresses.
  2. Show the business name on all stationary and in any advertising connected with the business.
  3. Complete a lodge a change of business details form within one month of:
    1. Changing ownership of the business name;
    2. Changing your address.
  4. Complete and lodge a Ceasing Business under a Business Name form if you stop trading.

If you comply with the above steps, you will be fulfilling your obligations under the Business Names Act 1962 (Vic).

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