Commercial and Retail Leases

Commercial and Retail leases are important documents. The lease once signed – sets out the terms of the landlord and tenant relationship for many years. So, it is important to get it right.

Landlords and tenants have different priorities.

From a landlord’s perspective a good lease is one that imposes maximum obligations on the tenant for maintenance, repairs, make good and outgoings. Whereas a tenant will always want to minimise these obligations. It is important that the lease strikes a fair and commercial balance between these two opposing positions.

We advise both landlords and tenants which means we understand both sides of the transaction. Whether you need help with:

  • A commercial lease
  • Retail tenancy lease
  • A disclosure statements
  • An assignment of a lease
  • A sublease
  • A variation of lease
  • A renewal of lease
  • Surrender of lease surrender

We can help. We are experienced commercial leasing lawyers and have the experience to get the best result for you.

We also can advise on the related leasing issues of:
* licence agreements;
* portfolio management; and
* land tax reduction for approved not for profit orgainisations

How much will it cost

If you are a tenant email a copy of the proposed lease and we will give you a fixed price quote.
If you are a landlord email a copy of the offer to lease and we will give you a fixed price quote.


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