business agreement lawyer provides advice on commercial contracts and documents

Our business agreement lawyers provide contract advice on all business and commercial law matters. Getting help from a solicitor who is an expert in business law is essential before entering a business agreement.

There are many types of documents and contracts used in business that we regularly review and advise on.

When should you engage a business agreement lawyer?

You should seek the services of an experienced legal professional who is an expert in business law and contracts as early as possible in your business or commercial dealings. For instance, before drafting or responding to a letter of intent, the right advice from a business contract lawyer will help you address all the critical points of the early discussions or negotiations.

Business Agreement Lawyers Handle All Commercial Contracts and Agreements

As experienced legal professionals, our skilled business agreement lawyers regularly advise on and prepare all types of documents, agreements and contracts used in business. These include:

  • Heads of Agreement
  • Letter of Intent
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Service Level Agreement

Each of these types of agreements or business contracts needs careful scrutiny. And that contract advice is what our skilled legal professionals provide.

Types of Business Agreements

Business Agreements are many and varied, forming a large, diverse group of commercial legal contracts or documents. Here’s an overview of some of the many types of agreements for business matters we prepare, review and advise on.

Partnership Agreement

A Partnership Agreement outlines the role of each individual in the partnership. It includes defining the responsibilities, duties within the Partnership as well as how things proceed with regards to:

  • Decision making
  • Profits and losses
  • The extent of financial contributions
  • How disputes within the Partenership should be handled
  • How to proceed when one or more partners want to exit the Partnership

There are many complex points within a partnership agreement. As experienced business agreement solicitors, we’ll create this vital document to define a partnership’s rights, obligations and entitlements clearly.

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Joint Venture Agreement

A joint venture agreement typically has a start date and end date. It’s different from a partnership agreement in that it refers to a collaboration- often for a specific project with a defined end point. For example:

  • A property development for a number of townhouses A software developer and a designer might work together to produce an App
  • An author and an illustrator combine their time and resources to produce a technical manual
  • A sports nutritionist and fitness instructor collaborate to develop material for an online training course for a client

A joint venture should have a provision to modify the delivery times or parameters if required by changing circumstances. A business agreement lawyer is responsible for ensuring that all the critical aspects of the joint venture are well-defined and clear paths are established for the future.

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Sales Agreement

Some of the things a Sales Agreement specifies are:

  • The names of the two parties in the transaction
  • What is being sold- a detailed description free of ambiguity
  • Inspection Details- when the goods may be inspected by the buyer, any special conditions related to perishables or privacy
  • The price of the goods being sold
  • Payment Details
  • Delivery Details- and any special conditions regarding access for delivery
  • Transfer of Ownership details
  • Warranty Details

When you engage us as your business agreement lawyer- whether you’re the buyer or seller- we will write a Sales Agreement that protects your interest.

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Consulting Agreement

As consulting grows in popularity, the need for an effective consulting agreement cannot be ignored. Our business agreement lawyers can prepare a consulting agreement so that the key elements are well defined. Specific conditions or clauses can be included as well as provisions for a change of scope or compensation.

The most fundamental elements of a consulting agreement include:

  • The names of all parties to the agreement;
  • A clear scope of work to be done by the consultant, what should happen, what processes should be followed, if the scope of work needs to change or be modified;
  • The time frame covered, by the consulting agreement and if there are any provisions for delays outside the control of the consultant;
  • Compensation terms- how much will be paid:when- and by whom;
  • Obligations of confidentiality and ownership of intellectual property
  • The scope of the consultant’s role- who do they report to, how and in what capacity- do they interact with staff, suppliers or clients of the business

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Your Complete Business Agreement Legal Services

Lawyers who are experts in commercial law and business legal matters are well placed to help you with all types of business agreements.

If you need a business agreement lawyer to help prepare ypur business or commercial agreement, we can help.

Additionally, we can review and advise on any agreements or contracts you might need developed for use within your business such as templete terms of trade credit applications or employment agreement.

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