Every business whether large or small enters into commercial contracts and business agreements regularly. The agreement may be evidenced by an exchange of emails or an oral agreement, but the best practice is for a contract or agreement to be in writing. Why? Because it avoids disputes about exactly what the terms of the agreement are. In fact, just about every court dispute we are involved in could have been avoided if a written agreement had been prepared. It is far cheaper to have an agreement properly prepared than to spend thousands of dollars fighting in court about what the agreement was.

Common contracts we regularly prepare are:

  • Terms of trade with customers and suppliers
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Commercial leases
  • Loan and finance agreements and guarantees
  • Employment contracts
  • Service agreements and consultancy agreements
  • Distribution supply and licence agreements
  • Partnership and Shareholder agreements

Commercial contracts and business agreements are important. They set out the rules and avoid uncertainty. All contracts need to be specifically tailored to the situation. A standard contract template is only the starting point.

Before you enter into a contract, you need to be sure the contract terms are right for your circumstances. This is where we can help. We are expert commercial and business lawyers with many years experience. We have reviewed literally every type of contract from all kinds of industries which means we understand where the problems can occur.

How much does it cost to review a commercial contract or business agreement?
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