When you need expert business lawyers with extensive professional experience in all areas of corporate law and small business law, we are ready to help. Our business lawyers handle all aspects of business law from the acquisition or sale of businesses, to handling contracts and representing you in a business dispute.

Our extensive experience in handling legal matters for corporations and businesses whether large or small means we know what to do to achieve the best outcome to protect you and your assets.

When you need a specialist business lawyer with extensive experience in all areas of corporate and small business law, we are ready to help.

Our Business Lawyers Are With You All the Way Through The Life Cycle Of Your Business

Our business lawyers understand the life cycle of a business and have experience in all areas of handling legal affairs for businesses- regardless of the structure of the business.

Trusted Advisors

We strive to win your confidence to become your trusted advisors, outlining the pitfalls, working with you and looking out for you and ensuring all your documents, agreements and contracts protect you.

From partnerships, franchise/asset protection, buying or selling a business, or even starting a new business, we can help.

We regularly assist in drafting and reviewing contracts; the protection of intellectual property or the many other issues a business confronts on a day to day basis.

Our true value add is we have over 100 years combined experience. Because of that experience we understand the challenges a business faces and the commercial outcomes you are looking to achieve. This means our advice is always clear, cost effective and relevant. Our advice is based on experience not theory. Our business lawyers have handled and successfully resolved many of the issues that a small business owner or company director faces. Our Melbourne commercial lawyers can help you too.


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