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Conveyancing Lawyers & Property Transfers In Melbourne

Conveyancing is the transfer of the legal title of a property from one party to another. A conveyancing lawyer is often engaged to help with all the paperwork and to keep track of timelines.

Lord Commercial Lawyers are experty conveyancing and property lawyers who can handle any legal complexities of commercial property transfers which are out of the scope of residential conveyancers.

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We are a small law firm, so we can give you a level of personalised service you won’t get with the bigger firms. To us, you’re more than just a client.

And while we might be small, our impact is considerable. Our director, Andrew Lord, has a career spanning more than 30 years in commercial and property law.

Sue Norris assists all our clients with their conveyancing needs, both commercial and residential. She is a clear communicator and has relationships with government bodies, banking institutions and more.

Call us now on 03 9600 0162 or email –, and let’s begin the conversation.

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Our Conveyancing Law Services

Whenever you’re buying or selling a property, there is a transfer of title, contracts to sign, finance to organise and other essential documents that need to be accounted for. Lord Commercial Lawyers can help you if you’re purchasing a property, selling it, or want a review of any current contracts.

We charge more than the discounted Conveyancers in the market, but we provide professional legal representation. Lord Commercial is a quality service law firm working for you.


Purchasing A Property

On the surface, conveyancing can seem like a simple process of filling in and exchanging paperwork. However, there are some complexities involved that can throw you off if you don’t know what to look for.

We will help you prepare contracts for the purchase of a property and review them to make sure they’re watertight. We will investigate for any irregularities or stipulations that can impact the purchase.

You will be fully briefed on your rights and obligations in easy-to-understand language, not legal doublespeak.

Lord Commercial are property lawyers that will be with you until the day of settlement, and the keys are in your hands.

Selling A Property

If you’re in the market to sell, Lord Commercial can help you. Together, we will produce a Vendor’s Statement, known as a Section 32, and a Contract of Sale.

We can work out any special conditions specific for you and your sale. Special conditions are there to protect you if there is a default by the purchaser, so you are not financially penalised.

Lord Commercial also ensure that all funds are paid to your lender, and the remainder of the settlement is paid to you.

We are particular about how we manage our conveyancing businesses, and we will be transparent in our communications with you. This way, you know at every step of the way, who is buying your property, for how much, and what proceeds you will have at the end of the sale.

Contract Review

Before signing any contract of sale, we highly recommend that you have our expert legal team go through the contract’s terms and conditions. You don’t want to be hit with any nasty surprises after you’ve signed.

We can review your contracts for any special conditions and discuss with you how they could impact your ability to purchase or sell your property.

We will work in your best interests to ensure all contract and legal paperwork are fair and just. Contracts of sale can be lengthy and full of subtleties. Our expert team have dealt with contracts of sale for a long time, and will bring this expertise to the table on your behalf.

Other Conveyancing Services

Lord Commercial Law offers more than just conveyancing services for commercial and residential clients.

  • First Home Buyer and First Home Owners Grant Assistance. We can determine if you’re eligible for either of these schemes and help you apply for them.
  • Mortgage refinancing. To help you save money on your mortgage, we can investigate the financial markets and help you find a better deal to save money.
  • Foreign Investment Review. If you are a non resident investing in property, we can help you navigate obtaining approval to buy.
  • Commercial and Retail Leases. Let Lord Commercial Lawyers read through any lease documents you have. If you’re looking to lease out commercial or retail space, we can set up the documentation for you. If you’re looking to lease, we can determine if the lease is fair and just for you to sign.

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Our Expertise

Lord Commercial Law are leaders in the field of expert conveyancing. Our fees are more than your average conveyancer, because you get more than just an average service from us.

Sue Norris, our conveyancing expert, goes above and beyond to ensure the process is smooth and painless for you. She will keep you clued in all the way through and is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the art of Conveyancing.

Lord Commercial Lawyers Are The First Choice For Conveyancing & Property Lawyers In Melbourne

You can find out more details on the conveyancing services we offer here. We welcome you to call us on 03 9600 0162 or email our team here – to start the conversation, and the journey, of buying a property or making that big sale.


What our clients say

Patrick service was outstanding always ready and promot with the right advice and action that was in by best interest. My experience with Lord commercial lawyers has been fantastic given the circumstances i came with. I would highly recommend this firm.

Venus Lor

The sale of my property well with the help of Irene and Sue of Lord Commercial Lawyers. Highly recommended!

Rex E

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