Intellectual property rights involve more than the mere protection of ideas and concepts – it protects business assets that may be a core aspect of your business strategy and viability. Therefore, in today’s world, intellectual property rights are invaluable and as a business owner, it is crucial that you take steps to protect your IP. Since intellectual property law is a vast field that can be difficult to navigate on your own, it’s important to have an intellectual property lawyer by your side to aptly guide you when needed.

Lord Commercial Lawyer is a legal hub of experienced IP lawyers in Australia. We aim to provide you with practical legal advice to safeguard your intellectual property rights. This is to prevent them from being used against you unlawfully or unethically.

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Our Intellectual Property Law Services In Melbourne

Lord Commercial Lawyer presents a range of services in connection with intellectual property matters.

Filing and prosecuting trademark applications in Australia

  • Defending trademark opposition proceedings
  • Advising and recording trademark assignments, licenses, and mergers
  • Technology transfer & licensing
  • Drafting copyright license and negotiation contracts
  • Copyright infringement litigation and related legal matters

Types Of Intellectual Property We Specialise In

At Lord Commercial Lawyers, we specialise in two types of intellectual properties,


Trademark law protects the name and any identifying marks of a company so that consumers can easily recognize it. Trademarks do not have to be registered in order to be protected as intellectual property where an owner can establish use and reputation however there is no doubt that best practice is to register your trademark.


Copyright law protects creative works from being copied or otherwise reproduced without the artist’s permission. It also gives the artist the exclusive right to publicly display, perform, and create derivative works based on their original work. Copyright law allows the creator to financially benefit from their work and prohibits others from doing so without permission. However, copyright law only protects how an idea is expressed, not the idea itself.


A patent is a legal document that gives its owner the exclusive right to manufacture, sell, or use an invention for a set period of time. Unlike trademarks, patents are not considered patented unless they have been applied for and approved by IP Australia’s patent office.

Why Choose Us

At our law firm, we have assisted countless clients in identifying their intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, and designs. We also advise clients on how best to manage and trade in their intellectual property through license and leasing strategies, designed to maximise protections and financial returns. With a wide scope of industry-specific knowledge in hospitality, retail, creative industries, and professional services, the unparalleled expertise of our lawyers can help you make the most of your IP.

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Meet Our Lawyers

Our law firm is led by Andrew Lord, who has over 30 years of experience in the field. Andrew has served on both public and private company boards, giving him a well-rounded perspective on the legal challenges businesses face. His intimate knowledge of commercial law and ability to see problems from a business standpoint allows him to provide clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions. Whether it’s drafting contracts, resolving disputes, or advising on compliance matters, Andrew is dedicated to helping his clients overcome any obstacle.

At our law firm, you will also be supported by Patrick lafrate who has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, as well as compliance with ASX regulations. He has also worked extensively with charities and non-profit organisations on issues related to corporate governance, copyright, trademark law, and privacy. Patrick is passionate about helping clients navigate the legal system so they can achieve their desired outcomes.


What our clients say

Absolutely amazing lawyers. Patrick is bang on everything, communication is top notch and Patrick was on the ball the whole way through. What a legend. Highly recommend.

Emil Kadamani

Patrick service was outstanding always ready and promot with the right advice and action that was in by best interest. My experience with Lord commercial lawyers has been fantastic given the circumstances i came with. I would highly recommend this firm.

Venus Lor

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