As a business owner, your brand is your greatest asset. This means it’s important to protect your intellectual property, and one way to do that is by registering your trademark. This gives you legal rights to exclusive use of design elements, taglines, or slogans associated with your company.

At Lord Commercial Lawyers, we provide reliable trademark legal services to thousands of businesses. Our experienced lawyers have a proven track record of success in intellectual property law, and we are proud to serve clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and beyond.

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If you need help protecting your trademark, we are here to provide expert guidance and support. Our esteemed team of lawyers can help you through the process and ensure that your company’s brand assets are always protected. So get in touch today at (03) 9600 0162, or email

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Our Law Services

Consulting experienced trademark lawyers for your business can be invaluable. Our team offers a broad number of legal services perfectly curated to meet your legal needs.

Trademark Law

We help our clients with,

  • Registration, licensing, and sub-licensing of trademarks and intellectual property rights
  • Conducting trademark audits
  • Managing complex trademark portfolios
  • Litigation relating to breach of trademarks, registered designs, intellectual property and copyright

What is Trademark Law?

Trademark law is a subcategory of intellectual property law. It deals with the use of trade names, logos, and other branding elements to identify the source of goods and services.

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What is Trademark Infringement?

Trademark infringement, also known as ‘passing off’, is a violation of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. If you use a trademark that is registered to someone else, or if you use an unregistered trademark that has been in use long enough to develop a reputation, the owner may be able to prevent you from using it or registering it.

Why Choose Lord Commercial Lawyers

Our passion is to protect your business and guarantee your brand the security it needs to succeed. Our skilled team of experienced trademark lawyers has the expertise and insight to partner with you to attain the optimal legal result. We prioritise open, unambiguous communication and are always candid about costs, potential outcomes, and available choices.

Meet Our Trademark Lawyers

We’re led by the expert knowledge of our director, Andrew Lord, who has over 30 years of experience in law. Andrew has served on the boards of both publicly-traded and private companies, giving him a unique perspective on the legal issues faced by businesses. His deep understanding of commercial law and his ability to see problems from a business standpoint allows him to provide clients with creative, cost-effective solutions. Whether it’s drafting contracts, resolving disputes, or advising on compliance matters, Andrew is dedicated to helping his clients overcome any challenge.

Andrew is supported by Patrick lafrate who has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, as well as compliance with ASX regulations. He has also worked extensively with charities and non-profit organisations on issues related to corporate governance, copyright, trademark law, and privacy. Patrick is passionate about helping clients navigate the legal system to achieve their commercial objectives in a cost-effective manner.

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If you require the advice of a trademark lawyer, or have any further questions related to trademark law, please contact us today. Our friendly, expert team is happy to assist.

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You can conduct a trade mark search by using online databases or engaging a lawyer to do a trade mark search. Before starting to use a trade mark it is important to check no one is using the same or a similar trade mark. A search will help identify any problems.

Registering a trade mark provides legal protection and the exclusive right to use the mark in connection with specific goods or services. Importantly it also gives the ability to prevent others from using the same or a similar mark. It gives you the best legal basis for to prevent others copying your trade mark.

Yes, slogans and logos can be registered as trade marks, but they must be distinctive.

Trade marks protect distinctive images, words, logos, or symbols. Copyright is a specific area of law that protects original works such as literary, artistic, or musical creations.

Typically, the steps involve:

  • Conducting a trade mark search to check if an identical or similar trade mark is already registered.
  • Preparing, and filing a trade mark application.
  • Paying the application fees.
  • Answering any objections made to the application.
  • Possibly providing evidence of use.

The registration process does vary, but it typically takes seven months to a year if there are no problems. It can take longer. The time frame can be affected by factors such as the complexity of the application, examination delays, or opposition proceedings.

Yes, you can seek international trade mark protection through the Madrid Protocol (the most cost-efficient way) or by filing individual applications in each country you want to register in.

If someone copies your trade mark you can take legal action to enforce your rights. Generally, the first step will be to send a cease and desist letter. If that fails, the next step is to commence legal proceedings generally seeking an injunction restrain the use of your trade mark and seeking damages.


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I had the pleasure of working with Andrew and Patrick from Lord Lawyers on a share-sale deal, and I must say, their expertise and efficiency truly impressed me. They handled the transaction with precision and delivered results promptly. If you're in need of top-notch legal services, especially in the realm of commercial law, I highly recommend Andrew and Patrick at Lord Lawyers. They certainly have my vote of confidence.

Anthony Maluccio

Patrick service was outstanding always ready and promot with the right advice and action that was in by best interest. My experience with Lord commercial lawyers has been fantastic given the circumstances i came with. I would highly recommend this firm.

Venus Lor

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