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Melbourne Litigation & Dispute Resolution Lawyers

We have a dedicated team to help you resolve commercial litigation issues, and dispute resolution. We offer a personal service. While Litigation and dispute resolution may seem large and foreboding, having someone you know by their first name can be comforting and encouraging.

More than just money can be on the line for you. Reputation, future work and customers. You want assurance that you have a trusted team on your side, working for your best interest and your win. You want a tough litigation lawyer going in to fight for you.

We will explain to you here some common litigation services we provide, so you can understand why Lord Commercial Lawyers should be top of your list when it comes to Commercial dispute resolution.

Read through who we are and what we’re about, to help you decide.


Contact Our Litigation Lawyers Today

At the first sign of trouble, you need to get in touch with Lord Commercial Lawyers. The quicker you act the more we can help you avoid disaster, or the better we can help you get justice.

We are located in the CBD of Melbourne:

Level 10, 167 Queen Street.

Call us on 03 9600 0162, or send us an email – and give us a detailed idea of what is happening so we can get to work faster.

The Litigation Law Services We Offer

These are the kinds of legal disputes we can help you with. Lord Commercial have litigation lawyers to work with you to settle any disputes you have, in your favour.

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Commercial Disputes

A commercial dispute is a form of disagreement between two or more stakeholders. They generally involve contract disputes over terms and conditions on contracts. There can be commercial disputes over intellectual property as well.

While they may be business related, they can certainly have a personal impact upon you.

Whether you’re defending your business against litigation, or you’re taking the fight to a business that has done something wrong, Lord Commercial Lawyers will have your back when it comes to litigation and commercial disputes.


Debt Recovery

Sometimes you may do a job for someone, large or small, and they delay payments or make excuses not to pay you. If you’re a small business, this delay can utterly disrupt your cash flow, and potentially put your business in jeopardy.

You can go through a normal debt recovery service, but if you’re chasing debts from a large corporation, you need the power of Lord Commercial Lawyers in your corner.

We have a great article talking about whether you should bankrupt your debtor or not. Lord Commercial Lawyers can help you not just in debt recovery, but the next steps as well.

Lease Disputes

Lease disputes in the commercial and retail world can be complicated. While there are similarities between commercial and residential leases, the scale of the commercial and retail sides of lease disputes is what can make them feel daunting.

If you need protection against unfair leases, or if you have a large tenant who is being unreasonable, late on their rent or similar, have a word with Lord Commercial Lawyers about what we can do to help you.

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Our Team Of Litigation Lawyers In Melbourne

The team at Lord Commercial Law have years of experience they bring to every case.

Andrew Lord has been practising and focusing on business and commercial law for over 30 years, while Patrick Iafrate is into his third year practising in business and commercial law.

We are not a large firm that does things ‘by the numbers’. We give you a personal experience. We engage with you and work closely with you in a way that large firms simply can’t.

Call today to discuss your needs- 03 9600 0162 or email us –


What our clients say

The sale of my property well with the help of Irene and Sue of Lord Commercial Lawyers. Highly recommended!

Rex E

I have a great experience with Patrick from Lord Commercial Lawyers. He gave me lots of advice and worked really hard on my case. He responded very promptly. Also, he really cares about his client. I can tell that. I am feeling fortunate to have his support to make the backbone of our business stronger. Highly recommend Lord Commercial Lawyers to everyone.

Leo Le

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