For both employers and employees, navigating the complexities of employment law is a commercial reality. Employment-related legal disputes can be damaging both commercially and reputationally, and a quick, satisfactory resolution should always be a priority. We can assist with all issues of employment law, including unfair dismissal, employment contracts (drafting, breaches and termination), discrimination, adverse action and more.

We understand the importance of promptly resolving employment issues in the workplace whether you are an employer or employee.The longer a claim for an unfair dismissal claim or termination in circumstances that are harsh, unjust or unreasonable drags on, the greater the potential for damage to not just the employee or business, but also staff morale. This can flow through to individual performance, customer confidence and damage to both business and personal reputations.

Our employment law team understand the need to resolve workplace matters and unfair dismissal claims quickly by taking a commercial and pragmatic approach.

We understand that emotions can be heightened around workplace matters and approach all disputes with a level head to resolve and achieve the best outcome.

We are experienced employment lawyers practiced in working through various employment disputes, including unfair dismissal, adverse action, bullying and discrimination claims.

We also assist clients in breach of employment contracts, including the enforcement of post-employment restraints and the protection of confidential information.

Our employment lawyers can advise clients in redundancies, performance management and industrial relations matters.

Our full suite of employment law services for both employers and employees includes:

  • Advising on employment disputes
  • Drafting employment contracts and contractor agreements
  • Advising both employers and employees on employment termination

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What our clients say

Patrick was easy to communicate, and he has done the job in a timely and professionally manner, I'm quite happy with the service. Thank you.

Bob L

The sale of my property well with the help of Irene and Sue of Lord Commercial Lawyers. Highly recommended!

Rex E

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