Our team are expert wills and estates lawyers in Melbourne.
Have a Will prepared by a lawyer and avoid the risk of your estate not being administered according to your wishes. There are benefits to you when you engage an experienced solicitor who prepares Wills. You’ll have access to immediate advice on the best course to take to ensure fairness when distributing your assets. Are you doing some estate planning? Learn of any pitfalls or likely obstacles and ensure your wishes are respected and carried out in accordance with what you want.

Fixed Fee Wills and Estate Lawyers Melbourne

As experienced wills and estates lawyers Melbourne, we have developed a fixed fee structure which means you know the cost of preparing your Will before we begin. No bill shock- no unexpected amounts to pay. More information on fees can be found on the page relating to making a will.

We are Lawyers Who Prepare Valid Wills for Our Clients

Our Melbourne wills and estate lawyers have been preparing valid wills for clients for decades. A valid legal Will reflects your wishes at the time of writing. Your thoughts on how your assets should be distributed after your death may change as life events evolve. So it is important to review your Will as your circumstances change.

Have a Will Made and Remove Uncertainty

Use this form to find out more about what you need to do in order to have a Will made in Melbourne. A priority service is available for those who need a Will prepared quickly. If you’re travelling or expecting life circumstances to change, our lawyers who handle Wills and Estates will prioritise making your Will.

Impartial Advice So You Get the Best Outcome

As Wills and Estate Lawyers Melbourne clients have come to know and trust, we provide experienced advice to persons seeking to have a Will made. This is particularly important when dealing with relationships of many layers or blended families. As experts at making wills we can quickly identify areas of concern with your estate planning.

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