Are you looking for commercial contract lawyers in Melbourne? Lord Commercial Lawyers provide clear commercial legal advice across all areas of commercial contract law. Our commercial lawyers can assist you with all types of contract law and commercial contracts. To ensure your interests are protected, our experienced team of commercial contract lawyers can draft and revise commercial agreements.

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Located in the heart of Melbourne, you can meet us in person or consult with our contract lawyers over the phone at (03) 9600 0162, by email or online. Have you got questions about our commercial contract services? Contact us here.

Our commercial contract law services

Business agreements and commercial contracts are part of everyday business life. Lord Commercial Lawyer’s contract law services can help you with all areas of commercial contract law. As we prepare a draft of your commercial contract, our contract lawyers will identify the main legal issues and the consequences of a breach of contract. A well drafted contract should set out the business arrangement all parties have agreed.

Instead of a verbal agreement, commercial contracts should be in writing. When terms and conditions are in writing and clear, the likelihood of disputes reduces.

Commercial agreements typically include the following:

  • Amount of payment required and how it will be paid
  • Procedures for defining and addressing expectations or terms of the contract or transaction
  • Procedures for disputes and claims
  • Rights and obligations of the parties
  • Understanding and expectations of the parties involved.

Types of contracts in commercial law we prepare and review

Commercial contracts can be very costly if there is a misunderstanding or dispute. This outcome can result from poorly understood or badly drafted commercial agreements. Lord Commercial Lawyers can help you with the following commercial contracts:

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Finance and loan agreements
  • Guarantees
  • Licence agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Retail and commercial leases
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Terms of trade with suppliers and customers
  • Unit holder agreements
  • Supply agreements and distribution

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Lord Commercial Lawyers have the integrity, professionalism, and skills to help you with drafting and reviewing commercial contracts. We can also help you resolve commercial disputes. As a full-service commercial contract law firm, we assist small, medium, and large businesses with all types of commercial contract law. Find out more about our commercial contract law services here.

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Lord Commercial Lawyers are a leading law firm in Melbourne. Our experienced team of commercial contract lawyers have decades of skills and expertise to help you with all types of contracts in commercial law. We help small, medium, and large businesses with different kinds of business contracts and diverse commercial contract issues.

Commercial contract lawyers in Melbourne

Need to have a commercial contract prepared or reviewed? Our team of experienced commercial lawyers in Melbourne have extensive experience in providing high-quality commercial contract law. We consult face-to-face at our centrally located Melbourne office, over the phone, via teleconference or through email.

Lord Commercial Lawyers are a contract law firm located at Level 10, 167 Queen Street, Melbourne. Contact us here, call us at (03) 9600 0162 or email


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Absolutely amazing lawyers. Patrick is bang on everything, communication is top notch and Patrick was on the ball the whole way through. What a legend. Highly recommend.

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Patrick was easy to communicate, and he has done the job in a timely and professionally manner, I'm quite happy with the service. Thank you.

Bob L

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