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As commercial contract lawyers, we understand commercial contracts and business agreements are important. They set out the rules and avoid uncertainty. All contracts need to be specifically tailored to the situation. A standard contract template is only the starting point.

Before you enter into a contract, you need to be sure the contract terms are right for your circumstances. This is where we can help. We are expert commercial and business lawyers with many years’ experience. We have reviewed literally every type of contract and business agreement from all kinds of industries which means we understand where the problems can occur.

If you need your contract prepared or reviewed by an experienced contract lawyer Email us your contract now and we will once we give you a quote.
We are contract lawyers with extensive experience in giving legal advice to clients about contract law and business law. This means we have the skills to identify the main legal issues when the preparing and reviewing legal contracts and business agreements so you can get the right legal advice.

Whether undertaking a contract review or preparing a contract we ensure that the final agreement is clear on what the parties have to do and are clear in what are the consequences of a breach of contract. With a well drafted and valid contract from an experienced contract lawyer you can void potential issues that could lead to dispute.

Do you need legal advice from a business contract lawyer to assist in preparing a contract or perhaps reviewing the terms and conditions of a contract you have been asked to sign?

In Australia every business whether large or small regularly enter into commercial contracts and business agreements. For an agreement is to be legally binding it must clearly set out the business arrangement that the parties have agreed to.

When is a Contract Binding and How Do You Avoid Contract Disputes?

Subject to a few exceptions, a seen here on this page from the Instruments Act, a commercial agreement may be recorded by an exchange of emails or a verbal agreement, but the best practice is for a contract or agreement to be in writing. Why? because it avoids disputes about exactly what are the terms and conditions of the agreement and what are the rights of the parties.

With agreements that are verbal or agreements that are contained in a series of communications such as emails or text messages there is a lot of scope a dispute or disagreement as to what was actually said or what an email means and exactly what are their legal obligations. That is why a written contract clearly identifying the contractual obligations of the parties is always the best approach.

What if you do not have a written business agreement?

Every contract dispute in which we are involved could have been avoided if a written business agreement had been prepared which properly documented the commercial transactions agreed to.

Prevention is Always Better Than Cure

It is far cheaper to have a business contract properly prepared or reviewed at the start of a business relationship rather than to spend thousands of dollars on a contract dispute fighting in court about:

  • what the agreement was;
  • whether there a has been a breach of contract or
  • whether there is even a valid contract.

Different Types of Commercial and Business Contracts

There are many different types of business contracts.
Some common business contracts that we regularly prepare, or review are:

  • Terms of trade with customers and suppliers
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Commercial and Retail leases
  • Loan and finance agreements
  • Guarantees
  • Mortgages
  • Employment contracts
  • Service agreements and consultancy agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Supply and licence agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Unit holder Agreements

Contract law can be complex and as experienced business contract lawyers based in the Melbourne CBD we can assist you in drawing up a commercial contract that will protect your business. If you have been asked to sign a contract we are able to review the contract you have been asked to sign.

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